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atmosphera Restaurant in Ashdod


Steakhouse, Grill, Fish, Cocktails


Atmosphere, a leading restaurant and bar in Ashdod, was built and is managed by the vino del mar group - one of the largest and most well-known culinary and events groups in Israel.

Enjoy the flavors
The restaurant's chef, Yaron Ben Hemo, has created a kosher and original Mediterranean menu, including fun to munch tapas, appetizers that are an aesthetic celebration of colors combined with wonderful flavors, and mains - selected rib steaks, filet mignon, prime rib, Asado and more.

The restaurant is situated on the edge of a pool, surrounded by a large, spacious deck. It features a unique bar that blends with the wood, green and white colors of the complex. A nice venue to sip quality wines and special cocktails by the pool, and enjoy the pleasant breeze from the port of Ashdod. For example, try Whiskiflora, a cocktail of 12-year-old whiskey with touches of passion fruit, lime, mint and silan.

Fancy events by the pool
Atmosphere restaurant is ideal for luxury boutique events. The place is decorated in a vintage style, and attention is given to every small, ornament, such as copper tools and nostalgic accessories that give the restaurant its chic vibe. Stylish serving dishes and of course the adjacent pool, make all the difference between any other event and a high-end one.

Address: ז'בוטינסקי 29, מתחם סטאר סנטר , Ashdod
Phone: 053-9376963
Opening Hours:
One hour after the end of Shabbat-00:00
Private room
Handicapped Access
Smoking area

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Address: ז'בוטינסקי 29, מתחם סטאר סנטר , Ashdod
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