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Menu - atmosphera Restaurant in Ashdod

Menu - atmosphera Restaurant in Ashdod


House Bread

House Bread
22 ₪
Moroccan homemade bread baked in olive oil with rosemary and coarse salt, eggplant aioli, olive oil and balsamic vinegar


Homemade arisa
6 ₪
Syrian olives
8 ₪
6 ₪
Kalamata olives tapenade and herbs
9 ₪
Pickled Lemons dip
6 ₪
Home garlic confit
7 ₪
Dried tomatoes confit
9 ₪
Eggplant masabacha
24 ₪
Green stir-fried
16 ₪
Basmati rice
22 ₪
Roasted balsamic beets
14 ₪
Grilled tomato in olive oil
10 ₪
Cucumber purple onion olive oil and lemon
12 ₪
Tahini amba
8 ₪
Bonfire potato in chimichurri
15 ₪
"Tahini "Har Bracha
16 ₪
Hot pepper, garlic and Yuzu
14 ₪
Grilled onion in olive oil
12 ₪
Grilled endive with aioli
16 ₪
Spicy grilled vegetables
22 ₪
Colored cherry tomatoes, purple onion olive oil and lemon
12 ₪

Combo Tapas

10 kinds of tapas and house bread
129 ₪
20 types of tapas and house bread
219 ₪


Italian Artichoke
48 ₪
Hearts of artichokes stir-fried in warm lemongrass vinaigrette and spicy chili
42 ₪
Fresh fish chopped, herbs, purple onion, radish, olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon
Beef Bao
46 ₪
A steamed Asian roll with slices of short ribs, onion and Portobello in beef stock and truffles
Iceberg Salad
52 ₪
Crispy Iceberg lettuce, salanova and endive leaves in citrus vinaigrette and candied grains
Grilled Mushrooms
29 ₪
Mushroom mix in delicate flavored marinade with charcoal whiff
Ashdod Market Salad
38 ₪
Seasonally vegetables coarsely chopped in lemon oil and pepper salt
Beef Carpaccio
54 ₪
A slice of fresh beef, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and fresh arugula
Calf Cheek Cigar
42 ₪
Stew casserole of veal cheek in oriental spices rolled in cigar dough
Open bone marrow
26 ₪
Small Parsley salad and Kasten toasts
Duck Liver Marrakech
78 ₪
Grilled duck liver medallions charcoal scented on a Moroccan cookie in spicy sugar syrup

From the sea

Baby grouper (by weight) 38 NIS per 100 g
A young grouper in crisp coating, deep-fried with bonfire potatoes and lemon chimichurri
Green Seabass
125 ₪
Fresh seabass fillet, stir-fried greens in lemon flavor with garlic and olive oil aroma with airy root cream on the side

Of the Land

Rib Steak
138 ₪
300 gr of selected aged black Angus, in chimichurri sauce
Fillet mignon
147 ₪
Aged grilled beef fillet, root Cream / truffle root cream in beef and wine stock
Prime rib (by weight) 39 NIS per 100 g
in the process of aging at the moment Grilled rib steak on the bone in its natural juices with bonfire potato
Beef pasta
62 ₪
Fresh broad pasta, beef strips and stir fried Portobello in beef stock sauce and burnt onions
House Hamburger
54 ₪
250 gr of fine ground beef in delicious bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, with Dijon aioli and Philadelphia potatoes
Choose from
8/8/37/18 ₪
Mushrooms\ Fried Egg\ Pate de foie\ Duck breast
Asado on the bone
88 ₪
Long roasted short rib with a mixture of aromatic spices, beef sauce and chimichurri
Boneless vegetables
86 ₪
Juicy pullet chunks and vegetables, in red marinade with green stir fried vegetables in lemon flavor