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Drinks menu - atmosphera Restaurant in Ashdod

Drinks menu - atmosphera Restaurant in Ashdod


Draft beers

Goldstar UF
26/30 ₪
26/30 ₪
30/34 ₪

Beer from the Bottle

26 ₪
26 ₪
26 ₪

Wine Red

Barkan Special Reserve Cabernet
138/36 ₪
The Cabernet grapes come from the vineyards of the Upper Galilee winery. This vintage wine has aged in oak barrels for 18 months, it is powerful and complex and will continue to improve in proper aging conditions
Chateau de Galilee Cabernet Sauvignon
229 ₪
Handpicked from the Ben Zimra and Alma vineyards in the upper Galilee, the wine was aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. It is balanced, black and full of concentrated flavors
Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon
205 ₪
Featuring ripe cherry and blueberry aromas, along with the characteristics of pipe tobacco, black tea and a hint of fresh herbs. It is a classic, rich and complex Cabernet, with full body and long finish
Recanati Merlot
138/36 ₪
Full-bodied, rich in vanilla, mint and cinnamon flavors and typical red forest berries. Aged in French and American barrels gave the wine additional complexity
The Galilee Mountains" Yiron"
225 ₪
A wine with abundant aromas of cherries and blueberries in the background along with vanilla, cloves and roasted oak bouquet. The wine aged for 16 months in French oak barrels
Segal’s" Rachasim Dovev Merlot"
45/180 ₪
Rachasim Dovev Merlot is made of 100% Merlot grapes that ripened to a perfect balance in the exceptional and unique conditions of the Dovev vineyard. Mulberry aromas and fresh strawberry jam with cassis and frenal aromas, seasoned with green berries, accompanied by a wide fruity explosive taste variety
Petite Castel
245 ₪
Bordeaux blend based on Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Of the more justified classics of the Israeli wine industry. The wine aged for 16 months in French oak barrels. Wine with good balance and medium to full body
Barkan Superior Cabernet Sauvignon
345 ₪
The flagship wine of the winery and one of the most valued in Israel. With strong fruity flavors that linger in the mouth and reveal a rich and complex seasoning. Mulberry aromas and fresh strawberry jam with cassis and frenal aromas, seasoned with green berries accompanied by a wide floral exploding taste
Castel Grand Vine
375 ₪
Bordeaux blend based on Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The wine aged for 24 months in French oak barrels. It is elegant and classic with a deep color and deep fruity flavors

White wine: Semi dry

Blue Wayne Gewurztraminer
36/138 ₪
Made of Gewurztraminer and white great aromatic reselling grapes with a gentle sweetness and balancing acidity
Barkan Reserve Gewurztraminer
33/125 ₪
The wine is carefully made from selected Gewurztraminer grapes from vineyards in the Judean Plain. A balanced wine with a floral aroma and gentle full-bodied sweetness
Yarden Gewurztraminer
158 ₪
Juicy lychee, fresh flowers, green apple, orange blossom, persimmon and hints of spices and fresh mint. Thanks to the delicate sweetness, the wine becomes a great aperitif and an excellent accompaniment to the meal

White wine: dry

Yarden Chardonnay
38/148 ₪
Features lychee, peach, apricot, spices, flowers, mandarin and pineapple, with a hint of mint in the background. This wine is full of taste and fun, with a hint of sweetness, medium body and long finish
Domaine Saint Prix Chablis
246 ₪
The wine has fresh and young fruits aromas, the sourness is reminiscent of Grand apples. Very clean and mineral wine with good residual taste. The grapes fermented in stainless steel containers to preserve the aromatic and refreshing nature of the wine


Segal’s" Rechasim Dishon Rose"
38/138 ₪
Scent of sweet summer fruits such as peaches, apples, nectarines, or even white mulberries. All joined by pleasant tropical aromas intertwined with fresh grass and citrus scents. The wine volume is light and refreshing with good acidity, which floods the palate with a variety of fresh fruits
La Citadel de Diamante Rose
38/148 ₪
Bright pink with light reddishness. The aroma of berries (with an emphasis on ripe raspberries and currants) flavors of red grapefruit and lychee with hints of berries. Rich in minerals, with a noticeable and balanced sourness. Slightly oily, with a sweet and pleasant finish
Castel Rose
195 ₪
The wine is a blend of Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc grapes, picked before their full ripening. The light color indicates rapid squeezing and a short touch of the must with the peel. The fermentation is very long at low temperatures resulting in a refreshing and light wine but with an impressive presence

Sparkling wine

Lambrusco Emiliano
120/32 ₪
Cava Ivrica
120/32 ₪
Yarden Blanc de Blanc
225 ₪
Sparkling, elegant, crisp and dry sparkling wine keeps good and balanced sourness. Made in the traditional Champagne method


29/54 ₪
Ketel One
26/48 ₪
27/48 ₪
19/38 ₪


38 ₪
47 ₪


Havana Club
36 ₪
Captain Morgan
36 ₪


Quarvo Gold
21/42 ₪
35/67 ₪


Portion / Chaser
23/42 ₪
18/28 ₪
Ouzo 7
34 ₪


Martini Bianco/Rosso
37 ₪
(Campari (a bottle
42/22 ₪
Fernet Branca
43/22 ₪


Dupuy VS
54/28 ₪
(Dupuy VSOP (a bottle
78/40 ₪
(Dupuy XO (a bottle
140/70 ₪

Whiskey Blender

Jonnie Walker Black Label
495/46/24 ₪
Jonnie Walker Gold Label
630/52/29 ₪
(Jonnie Walker Blue Label (a bottle
1980/172/86 ₪


Jack Daniels
42/21|495 ₪


22|38|385 ₪


Shivas 12
25|42|395 ₪
Shivas 18
58|645 ₪
(Shivas Royal Salute 21 (a bottle
115 / 1280 ₪

Single Malt

(Glen elliot 12 (a bottle
52|710 ₪
Glen elliot 15
64 | 920 ₪
Glenfiddich 12
48 ₪
Glenfiddich 15
62 ₪


Fudge figs
22/38 ₪
44 ₪


52 ₪
Ketel One, fresh lime juice, citrus fruit extract, anise stars and cranberry
Whiskey Flora
54 ₪
12-year-old whiskey, passion fruit puree, lime juice, sugar water, sparkling water, seasonal mint and silan
Negroni Komar 3
a portion of tankeri, martini rosso, Campari, blood orange juice and fresh sage extract
Homemade Margarita
Dark rum, fine berries paste, fresh lime juice, orange grate and fresh mint
A dose of nuage, ouzo, sugar water, dry verbena, mint and lemon grate

Soft drinks

Pepsi/Pepsi Max
12 ₪
12 ₪
12 ₪
12 ₪
7UP/7UP diet
12 ₪
Bottle of water/sparkling
11 ₪
Aqua Penne water
24 ₪
26 ₪
16 ₪

Energy drinks: 16 NIS

13 ₪
13 ₪

Hot drinks

9 ₪
Double espresso
13 ₪
Tea/mint tea
8 ₪
(Coffee (soy milk
13 ₪
9 ₪